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The Story of


Laura Fearn

Primrose Hill Atelier is a collaboration between Laura Fearn and Helen Hyde. Laura is an artist, designer and illustrator.  With her studio situated on Primrose Hill in Bath, overlooking the surrounding countryside, she draws inspiration from the vistas, wildlife, towns and villages across the West Country. Having studied illustration at the University of Brighton, she then worked as a children’s book designer in London for over 10 years. 

Laura and Helen met at the gates of their children’s primary school.  A decade long friendship ensued and, with the children being teenagers, they have now founded Primrose Hill Atelier.  Their shared love for all things stationery and design has resulted in a range of tactile journals and planners, which will put a smile on your face.  Laura is the creative force in this partnership, whilst Helen has a background in sales, marketing and brand development.

All budding writers, researchers, committee members, doodlers, copywriters, homework helpers, busy parents, dreamers, planners  and, of course, all menopausal women who have an endless list of to-dos and reminders everywhere – why not treat yourself to one of our notebooks to capture all your thoughts, dreams & reflections?


Helen Hyde

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